Women’s Volleyball, First NJAC Win

Adrian Acakios, Sports Editor

 This past week, RU-N’s Women’s Volleyball team took home the win for their first win in their conference. Ten matches into the season, the Raiders’ record is at .500 as they have won and lost five games. However, this was their first win for NJAC this year. In this match against Montclair, every set was a close one and could not be done without a lot of hard work from the Raiders. Every set was won by only two or three points, meaning it was close for both sides. They were off to a strong start as the Raiders scored the first four out of five points in the opening set against the Redhawks. With a rally from MSU, the set was up for anyone as the score was now 20-19, Rutgers. With two kills from Morgan Schweitzer [SR], and Comfort Akinbo [SO], the Raiders won the first set.  The opening of the second set, led to an 11-11 stalemate; after six kills to follow, the raiders took the lead and were able to hold the Hawks to 23-21 and win the second set. With a 2-0 lead, RU-N seemed to take a break in the third set; not only did they lose the set but they were held down by the Red Hawks for the first time throughout the whole match. Luckily in the fourth set, RU-N came back and took home the win as they held Montclair to a 25-20 lead, as they finally brought home their first NJAC win this season. Congratulations Women’s Volleyball, keep up the good work. 

Athlete Of The Week

LJ McKenzie

 Sport: Cross Country

 Year: Senior 

Hometown: Bloomfield, NJ 

This is LJ’s senior season for the Raiders. Not only did he rank in the top-50, coming in 48th with a time of 29:22.68, topping the rest of his teammates. His best time so far comes from last fall [2016] with a time of 27:53.2. 

Morgan Schweitzer

 Sport: Women’s Volleyball: OH Y

ear: Senior 

Hometown: Monroe, NJ
This is Morgan’s senior season. Only a couple weeks in and she has started in every match [10] that RU-N has played, while being on the court for 37 sets. Not only is she averaging 3.11 kills per set, but she recently led her team  

MLB: Rookie Home Run Record

Adrian Acakios, Sports Editor

 W ith the loss of the 20-game winners amongst starters in the Major Leagues this year, comes another possibility for a record-winner this 2017 season. Instead of it being a seasoned player or even a pitcher, it is now a rookie who may be able to match Mark McGwire’s 49 home runs. Since 1987, no other rookie has hit as many homeruns as McGwire. However, this year could change that. Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is in his rookie season, and is currently at 48 home runs. Only one home run away from tying the record for most homeruns in their rookie season. With only a short time left this season, it is still possible for him to reach and even surpass McGwire.